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Types of Pergolas.

Pergolas are a beautiful addition to our homes. They provide us extra space outdoors to enjoy and relax and also provide additional privacy. Pergolas are part of big houses and their lawns for many years, and they always add significant value to our property. With time, pergolas are made in many different materials that suit your styling sense, outdoor decorations, and needs according to the place, weather. Here are a few types of Pergolas that are commonly built in houses. 

Wooden Pergolas:

Wooden Pergolas are the most commonly used types of pergolas. There are many reasons wood pergolas are everywhere. They provide a rustic, natural style to your outdoors. The durability of wood is never questionable. There are many features which make wood favorite like:

  • Wooden pergolas are affordable.
  • You can color them and design according to your demands.
  • Wood is most durable, and it does not rust. Once you have a wood pergola and your home, it can stay forever.

There are different types of wood pergolas like 

  1. Pressure-treated wood pergolas
  2. Tropical Hardwood is an excellent choice near coastal areas. 
  3. Red Cedar is reddish and very durable. The wood is also an expensive one and does not suit a humid climate.

Aluminum Pergolas:

Aluminum pergolas are as attractive as wood, and you may even find more versatility. Aluminum pergolas provide better durability and offer a modern look. Some of its features are:

  • It is ideal for creating a trendier look to your home, and it suits more urban landscaping these days.
  • It requires less maintenance, and they stay durable for a long time. Pergolas can withstand any climate harshness.
  • Aluminum is suitable for any design or application. You can coat these pergolas and style in the way you want to match or contrast with your place exteriors. The only drawback is that it does not provide a natural look.

Vinyl Pergolas:

Vinyl Pergolas present a classy, elegant and neat look for your pergolas. Vinyl is getting popular these days for its styles and low maintenance requirements. A few of its features are:

  • It is an almost maintenance-free type of pergola.
  • It is very cheap and economical.
  • Vinyl can be a lifetime choice for pergolas if you are buying a good quality from renowned companies.
  • It is quite economical and cheap, and you can find the price equal to pressure-treated wood. Among a few of its drawbacks are: It may need power cleaning occasionally, and with time, it will start brittle and crack.

Fiberglass Pergolas:

Fiberglass is stylish and durable than vinyl pergolas. Among a few of its features are:

  • It does not rust
  • It needs very little maintenance. 
  • It holds color well and can withstand weather harshness, particularly humid climate.
  • The only drawback is that it is the most expensive type of pergolas.


No matter what type of pergolas you chose – it will enhance the beauty of your home and provide you many practical benefits.