The Best Gazebo Styles in Dubai

Are you thinking of a Gazebo Dubai? If you are then by now know just how important gazebos have become to the construction industry and in particular, the new thatched gazebo in Dubai. The thatched roof gazebo in particular has gained popularity around the world for its aesthetic appeal and its durability, and it’s a trend that will soon see many more gazebos Dubai being built.

Why build a Gazebo in the first place? 

Gazebos are traditionally built to shade and protect from the elements and they can do this very effectively in the desert. There are many gazebos in the UAE that have such functionality, as well as others in various parts of Africa that have such attributes. But here in Africa the geographical circumstances dictate that we must use gazebos which are more stable and easier to construct.

Gazebos in Africa include a wide range of outdoor Gazebo designs. In the vast deserts of Abu Dhabi the Salah Al-Din has a roof that spans three stories and is covered with ornate carvings. This style of gazebo is becoming increasingly popular in Abu Dhabi, where many of the ultra-modern buildings have what is known as ‘umba gazebo’. The construction of the Salah Al Din gazebo is facilitated by the building of tunnels in addition to the traditional construction methods. This structure also features an observation deck and provides shade from the hot sands of the desert. This gazebo is one of the most famous gazebos in the region and is frequently hired out by contractors.

Benefits of Gazebos

In the other areas of Abu Dhabi, the deserts offer many different styles of gazebos. The most architecturally interesting of these are those made from pre-fabricated metal frames called Mabta panels. These frames are made up of a single panel that is then connected to four others which are placed in a series to build a frame for the Gazebo. These gazebos can be rented or purchased. They are extremely economical in comparison to the ones made from timber, which need to be constructed from a large tree and have to be transported hundreds of miles away before erecting.

Another type of gazebo found in Abu Dhabi are made from wood. These come in many forms including arches and roofs. Some of these wood gazebos have a flat roof that slants down and has an observation deck on one side. On this deck there is a wooden gazebo that can be erected. These wooden gazebos are the most expensive of all the styles and are usually rented or bought.

Difference between pergolas and Gazebos

  • One final style of Gazebo Dubai are the pergolas. 
  • These are circular arbors that provide shade to the gazebo and also serve as a small walkway or sitting area. 
  • Many of the pergolas feature wood pergolas or composite pergolas with the decks being made from composite materials such as recycled cotton or polyethylene. 
  • Some pergolas in Dubai have open plans that incorporate a deck at the bottom with rooms on the sides.